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This aqua-colored patchwork afghan is perfect for baby boys. Crochet the afghan in pale blue, mint green and lemon yellow using our free crochet pattern.

Here's an idea for crocheting a baby afghan using two different square patterns, a heart square and a checkerboard square. The squares will be joined together, patchwork style, to resemble a baby quilt. Find more detailed info about these squares:


To create this afghan, you'll crochet 25 squares -- 13 heart squares and 12 checkerboard squares.

There are 5 squares across and squares down. The squares alternate, with the heart squares being placed in the outer corners.

Free Crochet Heart Pattern and Chart

Free Crochet Checkerboard Pattern and Chart

Yarn Colors:

You'll need about 19 ounces of DK / light worsted weight yarn. This colorway was crocheted using Bernat Softee baby yarn in the following colors:
  • Pale blue
  • Mint green
  • Lemon

These colors combine to create an overall effect that has the look of a aqua color; one might also describe it as a light turquoise color, with pale yellow accents. This color combination is fantastic if you'd like a masculine colorway for your baby boy's nursery, but you don't want to go with a traditional pastel blue color.

Feel free to substitute other brands or colors of yarn.

Joining Your Baby Afghan Squares

There are multiple options for joining your squares.

If you use the color scheme pictured here, I recommend joining your squares by whipstitching them together with the lemon yellow yarn color. This will provide a bit of contrast that is eye-catching and appealing. However, if you'd prefer that the joins look more "invisible" you could whip stitch using either of the other colors.

Click here for more info about how to join afghan squares.

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