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What if I told you that you could add something to your life that would decrease your blood pressure and cholesterol, increase energy, muscle mass, bone density, metabolism, longevity and last but not least, sexual performance? What if I told you that it would also improve sleep, flexibility, strength and digestion? If you knew it would help in preventing certain diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and depression, would that interest you? What about strengthening the immune system, improving circulation and delaying or preventing osteoporosis? The benefits to what I am referring to doesn't stop there either.
The mental and emotional benefits include reduced anxiety and stress, improvement of your self worth and self image plus an overall increase in your sense of well-being.
Are you asking what this thing is and how much does it cost? How many people would be rushing to their doctor to get a prescription for this life changing and life saving addition you can add to your day? What if I told you that you didn't need a prescription and that it was practically free? Well, I am telling you that you can start achieving every one of these above benefits today without spending a cent or waiting in line at the pharmacy.
You only need to move your body.
That's right.
What I am referring to is exercise and if you are not participating in exercise in some shape or form, you are missing out on one thing that can immediately begin to improve your health.
If this thing called exercise is so great, why, might you ask are there still people not doing it? For different reasons, I believe.
Time is a huge factor for many busy women in today's society.
Adding one more thing to their TO-Do list does not seem possible.
The thing is though, when you make exercise a priority, you often have more energy and less sickness to keep up the demands of that list.
Women also believe that if they can't work an hour of exercise into their schedule, they may as well do none at all.
Short, but consistent periods of exercise however can be more effective than longer, inconsistent, sporadic ones.
Think of exercise as movement.
Make a commitment to move throughout the day as often as you can.
Take any opportunity to walk stairs, do yard work, take the kids in the stroller or buddy up with a friend for a chat and a walk.
Use the time that the kids are at their soccer or gymnastics practice to take a brisk stroll.
Be creative with movement.
Participate in activities you enjoy.
Join in with the kids playing outside.
According to the World Health Organization, physical inactivity is as harmful to your health as smoking and doubles the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and stroke.
There is a saying that goes something like this...
If you don't make time for exercise; you better make time for illness.
Can you afford to take 30 minutes out of your day to add some form of exercise? Maybe a better question is, can you afford not to?

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