Equal Partnerships in Marriage Relationships
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Equal Partnerships in Marriage Relationships

Most marriage relationships start out with both partners sharing all of the responsibilities. For those that have been married longer than six months, you know that the first half year is still that wonderful honeymoon stage, and then the house falls apart. Dirty socks can be found lying around the floor and glasses with old beverages in them litter the furniture. Soon, it turns out that one of the spouses is the person stuck doing all of the household chores. By following these relationship tips, you can find ways to share equal chores in marriage relationships.

The Biggest Issue

The biggest issue when it comes to chores in marriage relationships is the kitchen.  Eighty percent of the time, the wife does the cooking (unless it's barbeque season). Nearly ninety percent of the women also handle the cleanup and the dishes. This seems to be a constant battle in marriages.

One of the easiest relationship advice regarding kitchen chores is to take turns. This is the only fair way to get the work done without leaving it all on the shoulders of one person. In the event that one of you simply cannot cook, that person can have perpetual clean up and dish duty. This is a fair and equitable way to split the kitchen chores so one person isn't stuck doing everything all the time.

Loads of Laundry

Laundry tends to create some issues in marriage relationships. It's hard when picking up a spouse's dirty clothes, which are strewn about the house is left to the other spouse.  It isn't right either. One spouse shouldn't need to provide house cleaner service for the other. Relationship tips experts suggest that one person sorts the laundry, washes it, and the other puts it in the dryer, and folds it. Each partner should put their own clothing away.

Battling the Bathrooms

Rarely does anyone want to step up and volunteer to clean the bathrooms. Since marriage relationships should be partnerships in all matters, splitting the bathroom cleanings should be a no brainer. However, if one of the bathrooms is rarely used, the cleanings could be switched weekly.

The Dreaded Yard Work

Just as many men feel that doing the kitchen chores is for women, many women feel that doing the outside chores like cutting the grass, trimming the edges and shoveling snow should be left to their husbands. This would be fine if, indeed the kitchen responsibilities were undertaken by the wife. Since marriage relationships should be equal, the outside chores be split 50/50 as well. Again, fair is fair.

Taking Care of the Kids

Just as it takes two to make babies, it takes two to take care of those babies. Equality in marriage relationships extends into caring for kids in the family relationship. If one parent stays at home while the other goes to work, that should be considered a full-time job.  The family relationship can suffer if both parents aren't actively involved in their children' lives.

Go Back to Being Kids

Almost every child in the world had to live with the harrowing chore chart at some point in their lives. Sometimes going back to basics is the best way to keep marriage relationships on a level playing field. If one or both spouses are shirking their chore responsibilities, it is best to revert back to having a chore chart to ensure that both of you are taking care of business. Chore charts will help to put an end to disagreements about who was supposed to do which chore. These charts can help to make marriage relationships more blissful, and improve the quality of the family relationship as well.

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