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Playa Del Carmen Real Estate Enjoys the Presence of a Strong Italian Culture: The Ferragosto Festiva

The Playa del Carmen Real Estate [] area, along with the Riviera Maya, is home to a large cosmopolitan community, including the thousands of Italians who live in the Riviera Maya in a constant cultural exchange. The Ferragosto festival reflected this cultural exchange. At the festival, Italians in Quintana Roo celebrated the beginning of the summer holidays in the way they would back home.

The Italian Consul in Playa del Carmen, Andrea Sabbia, acknowledged that the Italian community in the Riviera Maya has grown in recent years; it is estimated that about 10 thousand Italians live and work here. This figure includes children of Italian-Mexicans born in this tourist destination, those with temporary residence and work permits, as well as those who have become Mexican citizens through "naturalization."

Taking part in the Ferragosto celebration - a traditional festival celebrated in Italy to mark the start of the summer holidays - the diplomat said that of this group of Italians in Quintana Roo, just over 5 thousand 400 were registered with National Migration Institute (INM), having obtained there FM-2 or FM-3 for studying or working in Mexico.

Another thousand were "naturalized" Italian - those who have become Mexican citizens - and the rest were born to Italian parents in Mexico. The Italians living in Cancun, Solidaridad (Playa del Carmen's municipality) and Tulum number about 10 thousand. Only one percent of the Italian population lives in Cancun, leaving the other 99% in the Riviera Maya; this group represents one of the largest foreign communities in the state of Quintana Roo.

According to INM, there are also about 10 thousand American residents in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, followed by the Spanish with a community of about 5 thousand in the state.

These numbers clearly show that Playa del Carmen Real Estate is an attractive destination not only for foreigners coming on a temporary visiting basis, but for many who make Playa del Carmen their new permanent home. Many of the residents of the nationalities mentioned above travel to this state and then find jobs through hotel chains from their home country.

These immigrants join many Mexicans from other parts of the country, who come in search of job opportunities; because of this mix the Playa del Carmen Real Estate area has become cosmopolitan with a presence of many international and Mexican cultures. Everyone brings their own culture, language and roots, which somehow co-exist to integrate with and form the culture of Quintana Roo.

The celebration of the "Ferragosto" festival this weekend serves as proof of this. The event was hosted by the "Casa de la Cultura," under the charge of Barbara Oroglio, and supported by the Italian consulate, where about 200 to 300 Italians offered Playa's residents a taste of their traditional dishes as well as a sample of their musical and artistic traditions.

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