How to Quit Cold Turkey
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How to Quit Cold Turkey

Many smokers have tried and learnt how to quit smoking cold turkey after deciding to quit smoking.
Some people experience success and never take another cigar again.
Cold turkey refers to the act of quitting smoking by self discipline without using external aids, i.
stop smoking straight away.
There are 3 main factors for successful smoking cessation.
After reading this article, you will discover how to quit cold turkey too.
Personal motivation To quit smoking cold turkey, personal determination is vital in the process.
The motivation factor could be money issue or busy life schedule.
The smoker may not wish to spend money or spare time for formal medical treatment.
A strong willpower is necessary to make it successful.
If there is a strong reason, it will make the process easier.
There are some self hypnosis tracks to help you with smoking cessation in this aspect.
Maintain physical fitness Physical fitness also plays an important role.
Regular exercises not only improve personal health, but also build a stronger body to fight against the addiction.
If possible, joining a sport league or taking part in a local fitness gym will be great ideas.
All these will keep your minds off from smoking and also improve your life quality.
Support from families and friends Sharing your experience with your beloved people can help you on emotional level.
Participate in more social activities to keep you busy.
These can help you move your thoughts off smoking and curb tobacco reliance gradually.
Also, you will feel more committed to quit smoking with the support of your peers.
More ways to quit smoking today Now you may have an idea about how to quit cold turkey.
Yet, it may still be difficult with the method as the success depends on individuals.

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