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What Represents a 35th Wedding Anniversary?


    • You can purchase a jade, coral or emerald piece of jewelry for your spouse. Since these stones are rather unusual, your spouse probably doesn't own anything like this, so this gift will be unique. Depending on her preferences, you can purchase earrings, a necklace or a bracelet for her in either stone or have a special piece made that incorporates all three stones. Consider having a quote or your wedding date engraved on the piece to make it truly special.

    Caribbean Vacation

    • Plan a Caribbean vacation for you and your spouse. There are many couples-only, all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean that celebrate anniversaries. You can choose to have a snorkeling or scuba diving trip included so that you can search for your own coral to take home with you. Have a special photo taken of you and your spouse that can be displayed in a frame with coral or jade accents so you can always remember your 35th wedding anniversary.

    New Zealand or Australia

    • New Zealand and Australia are some of the few places that commercial grade jade can be found. Plan a trip to visit one of these locations for your anniversary and go mining to see if you can find your own pieces of jade. You can also choose to have a special piece of jewelry made especially for her, while you're there, from a local jeweler. This will not only incorporate the representation of the 35th wedding anniversary, but also will be a trip for you both to remember for many years to come.

    Nautical Theme

    • Purchase a gift for your spouse in a nautical theme. This can be as grand as a vacation to the Great Barrier Reef or as simple as renovating a room in your house to include this theme. Consider what your spouse would most enjoy when determining what gift to purchase. If you decide to renovate a room, purchase a special piece for the room that includes coral, or even an authentic piece of coral purchased from a place you have vacationed, like your honeymoon location, to keep with the traditional theme.

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