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How to Make Your Own Paper Using Roses & Flowers

    • 1). Tear your paper of choice into 1-inch squares. Place the torn pieces into a tub of warm water and let soak for 2 hours, or preferably overnight.

    • 2). Make the mold by cutting the window screening an inch or two larger than the wooden frame. The size of the frame will determine the finished size of your paper. Cover the back side of one of the frames with the screening and pull it tightly over the edges of the frame. Secure the screening with duct tape or staples. Leave the second frame without screening. It will be used to create straight edges on the paper.

    • 3). Add soaked paper and water to a blender at a ratio of 1 cup paper to 2 to 3 cups water. Blend at medium speed until it is a thin pulp.

    • 4). Pour pulpy mixture into the tub and add desired amount of rose or flower petals. Mix well.

    • 5). Submerge the mold, screen side up, into the tub. If you want your paper to have straight edges stack the second frame, without screening, on top of the first. Allow the pulp to settle onto the screen and gently move it back and forth in order to get an even layer of fibers on the screen.

    • 6). Lift the frame out of the pulp mixture and keep it flat. Allow it to drip over the tub until most of the water has drained out. Gently press the evenly layered pulp on your screen to squeeze out excess moisture.

    • 7). Remove the second unscreened frame and place a piece of felt on top of the paper on the screened frame. Place newspaper onto a flat surface and flip the screen, felt and paper side down, onto the newspaper. Gently lift and remove the screened frame.

    • 8). Place another piece of felt onto your paper and squeeze out moisture by pressing with your hands or using a rolling pin. Set aside and allow to dry thoroughly. Gently peel off paper when it is completely dry.

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