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Sure, April featured Duke winning the NCAA Championship, Jordan Spieth winning the Masters and baseball season getting into high gear, but what were the Top 10 Spanning the World moments of the month? Here goes.


10. Dropped Call

I’ve seen lots of things fall during boxing matches, other than the boxers themselves. Guys have lost their false teeth and even their toupees in the middle of a match. But this might be a first.

During a boxing match in Florida, a cellphone fell out of Marvin Jones’ shorts.

What else did he have in there, his car keys? As for the boxing, besides dropping his phone, he dropped the match.

9. Premature Exhilaration

It happened again. Why can’t athletes heed the sage advice of Yogi. Just keep competing until it’s really over. In Eugene Oregon, Oregon’s Tanguy Pepiot was on the verge of winning the steeplechase when he started to implore the crowd to make some noise for him. Not good. While he was waving Washington’s Meron Simon caught him at the tape to win the race.   

8. Oops!

If there was ever a case to ban selfies, this is it. A snowboarder in Japan decided it was the perfect time to take a picture of himself on the slopes. One slight problem. He was standing in the way of the chairlift.

And nobody got hurt!

7. Fake Out!

You gotta love trick plays starting with the hidden ball trick in Little League. But as athletes climb up the food chain they can get really creative. Check out the Arsenal Ladies in the U.K.

On the free kick two of them pretend they’re having a little disagreement. Give them the goal and an Oscar too.

6. Best Dive

Now let’s move back down the food chain to a youth baseball tournament in California. On a very wild pitch a kid from Murrieta is a dead duck at the plate, but no. He’s able to leap tall catchers in a single bound. And he was very safe.

5. Speed it Up

So, how are the new baseball rules working? You know, where the batter is not allowed to step out of the box except in certain limited situations. I’m thinking Carlos Gomez of the Milwaukee Brewers broke the rules.

Where is it written that you’re allowed to step out when the pyrotechnics are accidently touched off?

4. Fish Tale

Yeah right, you’re on the Washington University freshman crew practicing on Creve Coeur Lake in St. Louis and your boat’s attacked by Giant Flying Asian Carp. Who’s going to believe that one?

3. Coming up Aces

Time now for the shot of the month and it comes from, who else, Jack Nicklaus. He’s 75-years-old and he was participating in the Par 3 Contest at the Masters. A nice little shot on the 4th hole wouldn’t you say?


Here’s my favorite play-by-play of the month. The goalie in Finland scores a length of the ice goal and the Finnish announcer has a cow.

Translation: I bet some dopey guy in America will use this highlight in his Spanning the World feature.

1.Bottoms Up!

And here’s my #1 highlight of the month from an Australian horse race. Jockey Blake Shinn didn’t win the race, but he did give new meaning to “bringing up the rear.”

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