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How to Plug in Hanging Lights

    • 1). Screw in screw hooks on the ceiling, extending from the hanging light fixture to the nearest corner of the room. Space each hook 18 to 24 inches apart with one hook positioned 2 inches from the chosen corner.

    • 2). Thread the hanging light's electrical cord through the hook openings and allow it to drape down the corner of the wall.

    • 3). Pull the cord taut to ensure the cleanest possible appearance. The hook in the corner should ensure that the cord remains close against the wall as it runs down to the floor.

    • 4). Plug the end of the cord into an electrical outlet. If necessary, plug the light's cord into an extension cord to enable it to reach the outlet. If the plug has three prongs, line the prongs up with the appropriate holes on the electrical outlet and push in the plug all the way. If the plug only has two prongs, match the wide prong to the wide opening on the electrical outlet, then push the plug all the way in.

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