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How to Identify Outside Flowering Plants

    • 1). Using your notebook, note the vitals of the flower. Take inventory of the flower's color, size, petal shape and leaf shape. Also take note of any unique attributes of the plant. This initial notation will help you narrow the scope of identification.

    • 2). Observe the flower's habitat. You can narrow your field of search by determining what type of growing environment the flower prefers. Check if the soil is dry and sandy, or marsh-like. Make note if the flower seems to grow well in shady or sunny areas, and if it seems to grow better cultivated in a garden rather than growing wild.

    • 3). Take pictures of the flowers you wish to identify. Pictures come in handy if you choose to contact an online forum board, or if you wish to share pictures of the flower with other hobbyists. They will also help remind you of any details you may not have taken note of when you initially encountered the flower.

    • 4). Familiarize yourself with local flowers. Oftentimes flowers you see frequently in an area are local or common to the region. Check with your agricultural or forestry department for a listing of flowers that are common for your region. Consider joining a gardening club or a nature group. These types of groups often are familiar with local vegetation and have seasoned members who may help ease your journey toward identification.

    • 5). Research your flower at the library. Look for books about flower identification, and for encyclopedias with articles about flower identification. Check the reference section of the library as well. While these books typically must remain in the library, they can be excellent resources.

    • 6). Utilize online research tools. The world of flower identification is a popular one on the Internet. Seek out forum boards and gardening forums that field questions about flowers both cultivated and wild. Investigate your regional forestry or conservation website for information about local plant life. Browse through image galleries of flowers of a certain color, flowers with certain numbers of petals, or flowers in a given environment.

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