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How to Buy a Fancy Food Dish for a Cat

  • 1). Look at the wide range of materials of which bowls are made. They are typically plastic, ceramic, stainless steel or stoneware.

  • 2). Remember that bowls come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Select one that appeals to your taste and personality. For instance, you might find one in the shape of a mouse, or with paw prints all over it.

  • 3). Make sure the bowl you select is dishwasher-safe.

  • 4). Check to be sure a ceramic bowl meets FDA guidelines so your cat won't ingest unsafe levels of lead.

  • 5). Decide if you want to purchase two separate bowls - one for food and one for water - or if you would prefer to get a set that is connected.

  • 6). Look for a sturdy dish that won't be easily knocked over and broken if your cat is very playful.

  • 7). Realize that a no-skid bowl is another important option for keeping the bowl in place for a frisky eater.

  • 8). Look for a cork bottom if you are worried about protecting your floor.

  • 9). Understand that most standard bowls cost less than $10.

  • 10

    Consider purchasing a more expensive thermal or heated bowl which is designed to keep your cat's water from freezing in the winter if you leave it outdoors. This costs between $30 and $40.

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