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Dog Obedience for Those Living in an Apartment

Man's best friend is always loyal, easy to love and always there when you need someone to lean on.
Many have wondered if it is okay to keep a dog in a smaller place, such as an apartment.
Individuals were concerned with dog health problems caused by living in smaller placed.
Dogs can live in an apartment and be obedient at the same time.
Below, we are going to give you some information on dog obedience for those living in an apartment.
Dogs turn to their "owners" when they need something.
Regardless of the breed, most dogs will be able to live a healthy life in an apartment setting, as long as they have an owner that is dedicated to keeping them healthy.
The pet owner will need to take full responsibility for caring for the pet.
Before you even adopt a pet, you need to make sure the apartment will allow you to have a dog - many times, a deposit will be required before you are able to bring a pet inside your home.
In addition, some buildings will have limits on the breed and/or size of dog.
If you plan on adopting a dog such as a Pit Bull or a Great Dane, make sure it is okay.
Once you have adopted your new friend and have brought them home, let them get settled into the home.
Once they are settled in, you need to start dog obedience training.
We are not saying you should become Cesar Millan (the Dog Whisperer), but you should teach your new friend some manners in order to keep them safe in the apartment.
You need to teach them to not bark so much.
When you leave, for example, if your dog constantly barks, you need to teach them not to.
Many times, people reward the dog for barking when they come home, without even realize it.
As soon as they walk through the door, they start to pet the dog - as harsh as this may sound, you need to avoid this for 5-10 minutes of walking through the door.
You see, your dog is associating the attention as a reward for barking.
Apart from training them not to bark when you are gone, you also need to teach them how to walk on a leash.
If you live in an apartment, you can't just let them run outside - you have to walk them.
You have to be willing to take them out for walks and exercise them.
Even if you have a low energy dog, they still need to be exercised in order to stay healthy.
If they do not get enough exercise, they could develop certain health problems, such as obesity.
Besides, dogs are just like people - they enjoy a breath of fresh air.
For those living in apartments, you may want to take your dog to the local dog part in order to teach them how to socialize with other dogs.
Dog parks are constantly popping up and those are usually fenced in, so your dog will be able to run and play.
There are many dog obedience guides online that will teach you how to train your pet in an apartment setting.

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