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Learning More About Your Beloved Cat Pet - Part 4

  • The Siberian Tiger is the largest wildcat at present.
    Its length may exceed 12 feet and it can weigh as much as 700 pounds.
  • The Black-footed is the smallest wildcat of today.
    The length of the female cat, weighing as small as 2.
    5 lb, is just short of 20 inches.
  • It was customary for some Egyptians to worship the goddess Bast, having a woman's body with a cat's head.
  • Mohammad was fond of cats.
    Muezza, reportedly His preferred cat, was a tabby.
    Legend has it that this breed of cats has an"M" for Mohammed over their heads since Mohammad would frequently rest his hand over there.
  • In many parts of North America and Europe, a black cat is thought to bring bad luck, but in Australia and Britain, it is considered lucky.
  • The Persian cat is the most preferred breed of cats, the next two being the Main Coon and the Siamese.
  • Singapura is the shortest breed of cats, weighing only four pound.
    The biggest breed comes in the form of Maine Coon, weighing 25 lbs.
  • Several Siamese cats are cross-eyed to balance the unusual optic wiring.
    This is because most nerves from the left side of their brain reach the right eye and those from the right side of brain reach the left eye.
    This configuration causes a bit of double vision, which the cat tries to correct by crossing its eyes.
  • Researchers think that the word 'tabby' is derived from Attabiyah in the vicinity of Baghdad.
    Tabbies got so named because of their striped coats that looked like the famed wavy patterns on silks produced in that city.
  • Cats have extreme dislike for water, as their fur coats don't resist water and make them wet.
    The only exceptional cat is the Turkish Van, which enjoys swimming as its coat is water-resistant.
  • Perhaps, the oldest known breed of cats is the Egyptian Mau.
  • The most expensive cat of all time is Little Nicky, for which the owner paid $50,000.
    It's a clone of an older cat.
  • Normally a cat has about a dozen whiskers on either side of its face.
  • In certain ways, cats have better eyesight than humans.
    They are able to see even under far dimmer light, plus their peripheral view is wider.
    However, cats can't see colors so well as humans.
    It is believed that grass appears red to cats.
  • Spanish-Jewish legends tell that Lilith, Adam's first wife, became a black vampire cat that would suck blood from sleeping babies.
    This could explain the superstition that a cat would overcome a sleeping baby or suck out baby's breath.
  • Probably the most renowned comic cat is Cheshire cat in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.
    Its knack of disappearing symbolizes the sorcery and magic traditionally linked to cats.
  • The innovative Italian adaptation of Cinderella, the generous fairy godmother form was a cat.

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