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Top 5 Cleaning Supplies for Mud Puppy Season

It's that time of year again, and with the advent of Spring, comes the muddy paws and stained carpets and flooring, sometimes even sofas and chairs, depending on the spoil factor of your dog. As my dogs are all spoiled house demons, my carpets and furniture get a good cleaning at least twice a week or more if it's really muddy outside. These are the five items and cleaning solutions I found to be must-have's with pets.

1. Bissel's Little Green Machine

The ideal spot cleaning machine for carpets and vehicles, Bissel's Little Green is one mean Machine! It is easy to carry, has seperate reservoirs for output and intake, ensuring that you are only using clean solution and a powerful suction that removes wetness and dirt all the way to the floorboards. Great for muddy pawprints, or even the doggy accidents that occasionally happen indoors.More »

2. Orange TKO Concentrate

An all-natural citrus cleaner, Orange TKO is made from orange peels and 100% enviromentally friendly. Orange TKO is a concentrate and should be mixed with water for maximum effect. It is effective at removing odors and stains from carpets and upholstery. Can be used as a laundry stain remover as well.More »

3. Hoover Steamvac Plus

The big carpet and floor cleaner, the Hoover Steamvac Plus Carpet Cleaner has the dual tank set-up for continually clean output, and no faucet hook-ups. Comes with upholstery, car, and bare floor attachments.More »

4. Swiffer Wet Jet

Easy to use for the quick clean up, the Swiffer Wetjet comes with disposable clothes and a bottle of cleaning solution. Hangs on the wall for easy access, and is scarcely bigger than a regular mop. Ideal for muddy paw prints across linoleum.More »

5. Kenmore Canister Vacuum

A good vacuum with any kind of dog is an absolute must. Kenmore's self-propelled 12-amp canister vacuum is the king of suction, and on-board attachments make storage much easier. Ideal for the fur clusters in the corners and under furniture.More »

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