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Services Offered by the Dentist in Arlington Texas: Dental Crowns

€It really only takes one unfortunate accident for the crown of a tooth to become quite severely damaged,€ says the dentist in Arlington Texas. Patients have come into our Arlington tooth practice presenting with trauma resulting from all kinds of situations; some frightening and others down-right outrageous! But, whether one or more of your pearly whites have become damaged or broken-down as a result of tooth decay, a car accident or even while trying to open a beer bottle with your teeth, the dentist in Arlington Texas can restore your smile to its former healthy glory. In many cases, the restorative method of choice is dental crowns.

About Arlington Dental Crowns

€Dental crowns are restorations composed of a very hard and durable ceramic material,€ explains the dentist in Arlington Texas. €If a patient comes into our Arlington teeth related practice with a critically damaged tooth crown, we will first determine what the health status of the rest of the tooth is. If there is nothing wrong with the tooth root, then a dental crest can quite easily be used to restore bite functionality and smile aesthetics.€

While dental implants offer a fantastic solution to single and multiple missing teeth, it is always better to do whatever it takes to keep your original adult teeth. Arlington dental crowns essentially enable the dentist in Arlington Texas to avoid extracting the remaining tooth structure and replacing it with a teeth grafting; a procedure that is far more expensive and unnecessary if the tooth can be saved.

Returning to a description of the procedure, once the tooth root has been deemed to be healthy, the dentist in Arlington Texas will take a mold of the patient's mouth to aid in the custom fabrication of the dental crown. They will then carefully remove the damaged or decayed tooth structure and file the crown down so that it is able to accommodate the restoration. This generally takes place over two visits to the dentist in Arlington Texas, so patients won't have to walk around for long with a noticeable gap in their smile!

The Fitting of Arlington Dental Circlets

Once the affected tooth has been prepared and the dental crown fabricated, the dentist in Arlington Texas will bond the restoration to the top of the remaining tooth structure using a very strong composite resin. The patient will then be required to bite down to make sure that the restoration fits snugly and feels comfortable. Adjustments are made during the appointment so that patients can leave with their bite functionality and smile aesthetics completely restored!

Dental crowns are also used by the dentist in Arlington Texas for cosmetic reasons. Some patients just haven't been blessed with attractive teeth and, whether this is purely genetic or a result of tooth grinding or something else, teeth crafting can be placed on each tooth to give patients a stunning, red carpet ready smile.

Arlington Dental Crowns: A Final Note

Dental crowns enable the dentist in Arlington Texas to repair teeth that have sustained severe damage or decay, but whose roots are unaffected. By helping a patient to keep their full set of natural teeth, tooth crowning as restorations contribute to the longevity of one's natural beautiful smile!

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