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Slate roofing repairs

The standard of a roof is entirely as ferocious as any other place on the planet. The heat can temp up into the triple digits as well as drop down to the singles in a single day. The temperature pendulum can swing and cause temperatures to rise well into the two hundreds. Even more threatening to these rooftops of nature then the relentless damage to roofs caused by the weather are groups of haphazard style service men offering nothing but sloppy results. This in turn causes more damage of your roof and of your wallet. Becoming even more apparent are these group of merryman and what they are doing to these beautiful roofs. Wacky slate roof repairs are everywhere these days and you shouldn't be one to be strapped to one when you find it's leaking. Cheap roofers are flushing the market place saturating with cheap cheap on the cheap roof repairs which are about as cheap as a Chinese dollar store product. Strapping so much as a diaper to keep your roof from leaking these guys will do anything to shut it up for a couple of days just until they get their check in hand. With nothing but a ladder and a word of assurance don't fall for these slate reaperairs* these guys will not fail in causing more problems for you and your household.
These men use what's known in the industry as roofers cement or roofing muck. This product is proven to the one of the contributing factors when it comes to leaks. This product causes leaks and will actually eat away at any metals or faltering products on your roof over time causing more and more leaks. And the fun doesn't stop their folks, this is where when untreated mold arises. Just a touch of water a nice and secluded environment is it all it takes to get mold. Your flashings and metal work will suffer greatly from the lateral flows and will in fact be trapped by this asphalt roofing acid resulting in the customer holding the bag. The worst part is this guy could have a failed business and be well on his way working his night job long forgetting you and his forget me not work styled by a bang two rocks together mentality of fixing your mess. With no skill, care, or concern he might have not known or might have known. Either way the poor customer(hope it's not you) gets ragged again into beleving a pack of lies packaged on a smiling face. Don't be this customer be prepared.

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