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The intermittently evolving technology has provided an immense boost for the innovation and improvisation of mobile phones since quite some time now. In the wake of this possibility and the demands of consumers for newer and better phones with even more evolved features, manufacturers have their hands full with the task of doing both business and pleasure. The present market trends show a remarkable upsurge of music mobile phones, what with mobile users of the new generation sinking their teeth into the amazing prowess of these mini powerhouses. A very popular phone in this category is the W850i by leading mobile phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson.

The Sony Ericsson W850i Black is an ornately crafted slider phone dressed up in a sporty black frame. The 2 Inch TFT colour screen of this Walkman series phone provides a rich display of its contents in 240 x 320 pixels. The Tri Band technology based music phone sports a 2.0 megapixel camera with 4 x digital zoom and photo light, coupled with a secondary camera to facilitate video calls. The phone's video player is accompanied by some innovative features like Macromedia Flash Lite, SVG Tiny 1.1, Video DJ, and viewfinder display. The main essence of the phone is its Walkman 2.0 music player that releases melodious energies in MP3 and AAC formats, with tools like Music DJ, Track ID, Mega Bass, and Play Now to enhance its performance. An FM radio RDS backs up as another potential contributor to the phone's entertainment zone. Connectivity channels on this 3G mobile phone include Bluetooth, GPRS, infra red, UMTS, USB, and Fast Port for quick and efficient data sharing. The phone is equipped with an Access NetFront Web browser and RSS feeds ability to offer users with seamless Internet experience even on the move.

The Sony Ericsson W850i Black is truly a world class phone that has been endowed with the best in mobile technology to open up a new world of opportunities for its users.

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