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Foreclosed house as the name suggests is the house that is closed for an individual or a group of individuals prior to its being owned by some other person.
This situation arises when a mortgager either does not bother to take his house back or is unable to release it due to adverse circumstances and so lack of money.
As a result the mortgaging company takes over the charge of the house and offers to resale it.
The Foreclosed Homes figure in newspaper advertisements and property news, local magazines and on Internet.
Real estate agents too have plenty of foreclosed homes offers lying with them.
So a talk with these agents can be quite beneficial.
A visit to the courthouse can also inform you about many budding and mature deals.
On the same hand you can also fortunately grab a wonderful deal by attending the invariably held auctions for these houses.
If the auction options appears risky to you, ensure a safe purchase of a foreclosed house via a bank or the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.
What makes the Foreclosed homes a cut above the rest is their inexpensiveness.
These houses are available at an incredible fifty percent discount to their market value.
In the present scenario when property prices are touching the sky, the cheap rates of these foreclosed houses are definitely a boon for the mediocre class.
The down payment for these houses is also considerably less in comparison to the amount required while purchasing a normal house.
Moreover these houses can be conveniently financed at affordable EMIs through banks and other financing institutions.
At several times it is possible to get upto hundred percent of the purchase financed! But there are always two sides of a coin.
So if there are merits there are demerits too.
The condition of the house or its wear and tear is the foremost concern.
Since these houses are purchased as it is, it is at the onus of the buyer to fix up all the infrastructure problems.
The risk factor is more in case of purchasing these houses through an auction because most often more than half of the contenders have not seen the interiors of the house before.
Also the deal once made cannot be reversed at any cost.
After the deal is finalized it becomes mandatory for the buyer to accept the house even though it is a shack.
However if the buyer is prudent enough to acquire requisite information about the house prior to quoting a price for it, the purchase can be extremely beneficial.
The buyer of a foreclosed house should bear in mind that these houses are not necessarily empty.
Till the mortgage company hands over the house to the buyer, the initial residents are the owners.
It is at the discretion of the buyer to keep the former owners as tenants or ask them to evacuate the house.
Moreover the furnishing of the house or its renovation is not the responsibility of those dwelling in there since the beginning.

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