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Indoor Plants That Flower in March


    • Tulips thrive both indoors and outdoors.tulips in the sun image by Jorge Moro from Fotolia.com

      Tulips are among the earliest of the spring flowers, and bloom in March before the frost is off the ground. This natural calendar translates to indoor potted tulips as well, but requires specific planting conditions, as tulip bulbs do best with a fall planting in order to take advantage of winter's chill for stimulation and growth. Plant tulip bulbs after the first frost in the fall, in 6-inch pots with quick-draining soil and compost, and then set the pots outdoors so they can get the proper exposure to cold. If you purchase tulip bulbs in midwinter, keep them in the refrigerator for at least three weeks before planting in order to provide the required chill. Bring outdoor pots back indoors in February and March and put them in areas that get full sun for eight hours a day. Expect blooming in March and April, in a rainbow of color combinations.


    • Daffodils bloom in March, April and May, and are dormant the rest of the year.Daffodils image by Timothy Grove from Fotolia.com

      As with tulips, daffodil bulbs require fall plantings for cold stratification in winter. Daffodils bloom in March to April with foggy gray-green foliage and bright, decorative yellow and white flowers. Plant daffodils in 6-inch pots with quick-draining soil and organic compost in fall, after temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave the pots outdoors with the tulip pots until late spring, and then bring them indoors when the shoots begin to show. Keep daffodils in areas where they get at least partial sun.


    • Gladiolus consistently bloom four to six weeks after planting.Red gladiolus image by Olenka51 from Fotolia.com

      Gladiolus, or glads, are spring-planted bulbs, and are not hardy to winter temperatures the way daffodils and tulips are. These are, according to Bulb & Bloom, some of the easiest and friendliest flowers in the garden, though, and thrive in both outdoor and indoor situations. In pots, gardeners "force" the bulbs to grow and bloom on the gardener's schedule rather than the plant's. Plant gladiolus bulbs in 6-inch pots with quick-draining soil and organic compost based on your time line to encourage blooming at the appropriate time. Bury the bulbs 4 inches to 6 inches deep and water them with 3 inches of water. Keep the pots in areas where they get full sun all day. Plant glad bulbs in January or early February for a March blooming.

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