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What exactly are problems? Do they exist only in our everyday life or only in our future or do they happen in the past and the present? What state are we in when the problem starts? Can we be happy and have problems or are we only sad when we have problems? What shape do they take? Can they take a shape at all? The truth is problems are only in our imagination and can never happen unless there is first a thought that something or someone is not acting in a way or a form that we believe they should.
Then your mind tells you that there is a problem brewing and is it a good reason or not? Is there ever a good reason to create a problem? Why would we want to create a problem in the first place? When we process information in a way that creates an imbalance in our mind then you decide that there is a problem and it needs to be corrected.
This correction may come in many forms, such as what she said about him and why anyone would disagree with me is beyond my comprehension.
How we then filter the results we now make in order correct the action that we feel needs to be taken as too to solve the “PROBLEM.
” Which may or may not exist to anyone else on the planet, but to you it needs to be corrected and fast or you feel that you can’t go on.
Stop the world I want to get off! What if the rest of us aren’t ready to get off and for that matter what if you are the only one who sees the problem at hand.
People may say that you are acting irrationally and that you are difficult to get along with and why, because you perceive yourself to have a problem that needs to be corrected fast! What if your correction makes two other people have a “PROBLEM”? Now we suddenly have three problems and this literally goes on forever and it just keeps getting worse as time passes and who and the Hell can see the end of this nasty trend of problems now suddenly multiplying into more and more.
We can’t leave out the fact that different races will surely have a problem with this and that of another’s race.
Yes if you are yellow you sure aren’t going to understand the greens, after all they come from another planet and besides they only eat supper on Wednesdays and Fridays and we all know that us purples like brunch on Saturday morning were does that leave the plaids? Can you see how silly it is to create a problem anyway? Does the phrase “CAN”T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG” mean anything to anyone? I hope you see my point about problems and were they lead and how this behavior supports the dividing of mankind instead of the loving togetherness that we need to see take place in this world of ours.
Yes we all come from the same place and you may call it anything that you want, I choose to call it GOD! That’s right the one and only! The guy, the man and for you ladies the gal that is in charge of the whole kit and caboodle.
Yes you finally are getting the picture and that picture that should consist of love, for that is all there is and in the end that is all there ever was and will be for that matter! Can you see that or do we need to go on in this direction some more? Since you ask! Here goes.
Love en you is easy as a summer breeze la, la, la, la, la… Can you see that the creator could only see love and that is why this whole thing of problems is absurd and goes against everything that the Great One believes in! Yes he wants us to love and be loved! What is it that you are after in this life? You can’t sit there or stand there if that is your choice and tell me that LOVE doesn’t play a huge giant roll in that future of yours? Can you? That’s what I thought, we all want to be loved and that is a built in thing so to speak and yes the GREAT ONE put that feeling or desire there for a purpose! He wants you to use it and make that feeling grow and spread it around and build on it! You see in the end that is all that is going to be left! If you haven’t noticed we are slowly working our way their, yes even as we speak I might add! Have you ever seen a mother breast feed her child? That’s LOVE! How about the dad hugging his little girl? You got it LOVE.
Are you now starting to get the notion here? I hope so for it is very important that someone finally sees the LIGHT! Yes love is the grand design and shall prevail in the end so, can you see that problems really only exist in your mind and in the end we are all going to go in the LOVE direction, so you might as we get a head start and let go of that PROBLEM and move yourself in the LOVE direction as it is really what HE wants and by now I hope you have a feeling of where we are coming from and are going to for that matter! With Much Love & Compassion, Arthur Buchanan Out of Darkness 43 Oakwood Ave.
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