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What Type of Cat Litter Should I Use?

If you've been to the grocery store lately and have walked down the pet aisle you'll see that there are many different types of litter that you can choose from and use for your cat.
So which one works the best and which one is the safest one? Two things are happening right now that are causing people to look for alternatives to clay litter.
One is growing concern for the environment and the other one is to concern for cats ingesting the clay type.
If you have the clumping type its swells when it gets wet obviously which is why some people consider it dangerous for cats especially kittens because they can ingest this litter and it swells in their intestines and can cause a blockage.
Even the dust can get inside your cats longs and causes respiratory problems over time.
Most of these claims are overreaching against clay types.
Remember there is no such thing as a perfect cat litter they all have their drawbacks.
Much of the information against clay litters is actually part out by companies selling alternatives to this type of letter like wood chips, recycled newspapers, and even certain clay litters that are said to be free of an ingredient called sodium bentonite.
There is no one perfect litter, but you should choose one that your cat likes to use and that helps to control the odor in the area.
What use is it to have the so called "perfect" litter if your cat refuses to use it and it does not do a good job of controlling odors?

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