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Plan a Perfect Wedding - Was Your Perfect Wedding Gown Someone Else"s First?

A lot more brides are feeling the economic crunch and are looking for ways to lower their bills.
For some brides the dress is everything and this is not going to be a route your willing to take.
You need to know that that's just OK! My only caveat to you is don't go shopping before you figure out your budget.
You'd hate to have a fabulous dress and then have to have your wedding at McDonald's.
The special sauce is a bear to get out of the tulle! But for those of you who are more adventurous, there are more and more options for you.
  1. Many wedding stores now have a resale rack.
    So you can check there.
    (Think of the wedding stores like a magazine store.
    They're great places to browse and get some idea what you want.
  2. There are resale clothing stores and these are often great resources.
    They have networks.
    Go in early, build a relationship with the owner and you'll be surprised what can happen.
    (I know people who shop almost exclusively at resale stores, in both small and large towns.
    When you know the owner and he or she knows your tastes and your size, you're likely to get a call saying great shipment in your size just arrived!)
  3. Wedding Resale on the Web.
    There are entire websites dedicated to wedding dress sales.
    You can shop by size, you can shop by designer.
    Size 6, want an Amy Kushel? There were 7 gowns on one shop I went through.
    Think you can't get anything because you're a size 22? People who are size 22 sell their gowns too! (just make sure you're not buying a gown from someone 4'9" if you're 6'2"! It works the other way, but not so well this way!
  4. And then, there are thrift stores.
    Someone I know got the most amazing gown at Salvation Army.
    It was stunning.
    I think she paid $200 for a name brand dress and $150 for alterations and dry cleaning.
    People were gaga!Her lips were not sealed, either, she couldn't get over what a find she'd made.
    People would say, "I Love your dress," she would say, "Thank you, I bought it at the Salvation Army!"
Putzing about on line, I discovered designer gowns that originally cost $5,000 for sale for $1,500.
There were $1,500 gowns for sale for $300.
This is a deal! You might want to consider it.
After all, it's all about looking beautiful on your day.

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