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Growing up is never easy because the body must become accustomed to many hormonal changes.
In a girl, this includes the development of her breasts.
As a result, she must add a new garment to her wardrobe -her first bra.
First bras or training bras are a pre-schooling experience for young girls who have started to develop breasts but do not yet fit into the standard bra sizes.
Training bras are meant for girls who have started to develop breasts.
However, age is not the most important factor.
If the girl is young and her breasts are fully developed, there is no point in introducing her to a training bra.
The standard size bra will suit her best.
While choosing a training bra, keep in mind that buying bras with underwires don't make much sense for a young girl because her breasts are not yet fully formed.
She should be wearing a light support bras at this stage as they are more practical and are not uncomfortable to wear.
Sport bras can prove to be an ideal choice to serve as training bras for young girls.
This is because their flexibility and support features can see a young girl through her growing years, and she can focus without worry on activities like athletics, running, jumping, hiking or skiing.
The delicate and growing tissues of the breasts need adequate protection against the high impacts of physical activities and the sport bra fits the bill perfectly.
It is quite possible that you might not get the right bra size on the very first attempt.
The first time shopping experience in this case becomes a bit time consuming, but you need to be patient.
Let your girl try on various sizes to get the perfect fit.
If necessary, take the advice of the sales assistant who has been trained in the art of fitting brassieres.
Make sure that the hooks and straps don't hurt and there is no restriction in movement or discomfort in breathing.

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