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How to Buy Sterling Silver Wire

    • 1). Be aware of current market prices. The price of sterling silver and other precious metals change daily due to market activities.

    • 2). Consider buying in bulk to take advantage of savings. When purchasing from some jewelry suppliers, the more sterling silver wire you buy, the less you pay per item.

    • 3). Consider quality. The best sterling silver wire has a quality rating of .925.

    • 4). Select sterling silver wire based on its hardness. Dead soft wire is very malleable, forms a multitude of shapes easily, but will not hold its shape unless it is hardened with a hammer. Half hard wire is malleable, forms shapes easily, and will keep its shape under moderate stress. Full hard wire is malleable, holds its shape, and can be used for intricate designs as well as clasps.

    • 5). Select sterling silver wire based on shape. Sterling silver wire comes in four shapes: round, half-round, square, and twisted.

    • 6). Select a gauge. "Gauge" refers to the wire size. Sterling silver wire ranges from 26-gauge to 14-gauge. The higher the number, the finer the wire, and the lower the number, the thicker the wire.

    • 7). Make your purchase from local or online retailers. Some local jewelry supply retailers will only sell to people who own a jewelry business and can show a business license. You can also make your purchase from online stores such as and (see Resources).

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