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Home Treatment Head-louse Remedies: Tips for Ridding your Head of Lice

Passed down from generation to generation, many home treatment head-louse remedies have stood the test of time and can be quite effective at ridding your house of the bothersome pests. Most of these remedies require multiple treatment applications to be completely successful, but many feel the extra effort is well worth avoiding harsh chemicals and a possible allergic reaction.

Home treatment head-louse remedies may incorporate the use of several common and inexpensive household items, all of which are safe and non-toxic. Here are some helpful tips for safely and effectively ridding your house of a lice infestation:

- Before beginning treatment, the hair should be washed normally, blown dry with hot air and then brushed vigorously using a bristled brush to loosen nits, removing the rest by hand after treatment.

- Combine equal amounts of oils of lavender, geranium, and tea tree with a base of olive oil. Massage the mixture into the scalp, loosening the nits or eggs, allowing them to be easily removed by hand or with a fine-toothed comb. Flea combs work better than most of the combs that come in lice removal kits.

- Combine olive oil, tea tree oil and shampoo, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil. Apply to the scalp and hair, leaving in place for one hour before rinsing with hot water and shampooing again.

- Baby oil and equal amounts of vinegar may be applied to the scalp and massaged through the hair. Leave on the hair and cover the head with a shower cap for one hour before using regular shampoo.

- Massage petroleum jelly all over the scalp and hair, one of the messier home treatment head-louse remedies, but effective at smothering the lice. It will be difficult to rid the hair of the jelly, usually requiring numerous shampoos before it will be completely clean. Try using flour to absorb some before shampooing. Mayonnaise may also be used in a similar fashion.

- Perhaps the simplest home remedy is preventing an infestation altogether by teaching children simple proactive approaches, such as not sharing personal items with friends, or trying on hats in stores, or coming in contact with another person's hair.

If you are ever in doubt about any home treatment head-louse remedies, simply ask your doctor for their recommendation as to whether or not the method is safe or effective. Some very unorthodox and potentially dangerous myths exist about removing head lice. One should never, ever use kerosene or gasoline or isopropyl alcohol as a method of removing lice, as serious injury may result. Also, veterinary products for the removal of fleas and ticks should never be used, as well as any type of lawn-care chemicals.

Home treatment head-louse remedies may need more than one application and should be coupled with treating the whole house to avoid chances of a re-infestation. All clothing, towels, and bedding should be washed in water hotter than 130 degrees Fahrenheit or 55 degrees Celsius and then dried on the hottest dryer setting. Add tea tree oil to the hot water for some extra insurance. All carpets and throw rugs should be thoroughly vacuumed, and hair care items should be either discarded or soaked in rubbing alcohol for at least an hour.

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