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How is it that a person or character such as James Bond can always get women everywhere he goes?Why is it that women do not reject the idea when they see a man with another woman but actually become more interested in him? It is generally true that single women will want a man who is desirable and seen with other women.
Part of this is because by her seeing him with other women, this gives her instant social proof that he is a good catch.
A lot of this stems from biological roots.
The male who has the most dominant character or personality is often the one that is chosen by females to allow the procreation because he will be more likely to protect her and her young.
This happens in many species of animals.
Of course as humans we have evolved beyond the basic necessities and have climbed the Maslow's hierarchy of needs in the civilized world.
Most of our biological foundations of attraction have been covered up by many other things which have changed the dynamics (or at least people have let the new dynamics influence their behavior without understanding the greater picture).
It is not uncommon in the wild for other females to want the same male because they instinctively know that he can provide the most protection and security for them.
This will often leave the other dudes out of luck.
A lot of this behavior is carried over in humans.
When a woman sees that a man is around other women, that alone separates him from the crowd because there must be some reasoning behind it.
This is instant validation for a female.
When so many men today are just alone and desperate for any kind of attention from beautiful women, it is refreshing for a woman to see a man who is attracting other women.
He is really unique all of a sudden.
This will make her instantly validate him and she will be much more likely to take a strong interest or even approach in him.
She wants to prove to that man that she is a good catch herself because now the tables have turned to their original and natural paradigm where the man is the one with power and selection.
Even in the wild it is not uncommon for an alpha male of the species to mate with many different females, essentially having his own harem and then he will leave them while they take care of the young.
The behavior is a little bit different with men (in our civilized world) because when we see a woman with another man we kind of just respect that and know that she is in another man's territory and probably for a reason.
Men will say things like, "I wish that I had Jesse's girl" or "I want a girl like that", whereas women will say, "I want THAT man".
She is specifically interested in you when you are this man because there is a reason that specifically you will have attracted these other women around you.
She wants to possibly be one of those women as well even if it means cat-fighting with the other women in your life.
Women are just interesting like this because biologically they want the strongest alpha male (inherently) to provide and 'protect'...
now this mixes with social proof and validation of seeing him with other women.
All of this works to your advantage when you understand everything I can teach you.
So a man who is a pure natural (a la James Bond) has even more natural selection and choice because he is aligned with the natural order of biology, tradition and evolution.
Women will often put aside common sense and logic easily to be with a man who knows how to spark that inherent attraction mechanism which lies dormant within her.

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