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Having Fun at a Baby Shower

Planning to have baby shower? Try out these baby shower games! How Big is Your Belly? Have guests slice off a piece of string to the length they think the pregnant woman's belly is in circumference.
The mom-to-be then wraps every string around her belly, one at a time, to see which piece is the closest.
Whichever guest has the closest measurement is given a prize.
Guess the Baby Have guests bring baby pictures of themselves in advance.
Every guest must match the baby picture with the other guests.
Whoever guesses the most right, receives a prize.
'My Water Broke!' Buy some plastic babies and freeze them in ice cube trays.
Place one in all of the guests' drinks.
The first person whose baby breaks out of the ice and floats to the top, receives a prize.
The winner has to yell, 'My water broke!' Do not Say 'Cute' Attach numerous small safety pins to one large safety pin.
Ask the guests to attach the large safety pin to their shirt and tell them the forbidden word, i.
'cute' or 'baby' or anything else you might like.
When a guest hears another guest say the prohibited word, they get to take one of that guest's safety pins.
Whoever has the most safety pins by the end of the shower wins a prize.
Cute is a good forbidden word if the mom-to-be will be opening presents at the shower.
Messy Diapers Get a few candy bars and melt each one into a disposable diaper.
Use a variety of candy bars that are less common to jazz it up.
Label each diaper with a number and ask the guests to guess which candy bar is in the diaper.
They can use their senses to guess the kind of candy- possibly even taste.
Whoever gets the most diapers correct, wins a prize.
Don't forget a camera! Footprint and Handprint Advice Cut out footprints and have guests write down advice or helpful hints on them.
Place them in a scrapbook for the mother-to-be.
Stork Bingo Take blank bingo cards and hand them out to each guest.
Guests will fill in the bingo card by guessing what the mother-to-be is going to receive as a gift.
While she opens her gifts, guests scratch off the item from their card.
Whoever gets a bingo first, wins.
Word Scramble Scramble up a list of baby related words.
The guest who unscrambles all the words, receives a prize.
Nursery Rhyme Lines Write down one line from a nursery rhyme.
Ask all the guests to guess which nursery rhyme the line is from.
The person who gets the most right wins a prize.
Baby Food Mix-Up Remove the labels from a bunch of different jars of baby food and re-label the jars.
Ask the guests to guess the type of baby food by looking at the jar without opening it.
A prize is given to the guest who guesses the most correctly.
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