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George DeMohrenschildt and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, Part 3

George talked in circles with Oltmans in this and other conversations, adding little to his initial admission.
He never admitted to doing intelligence work for the FBI or CIA but said he did some work for the State Department in Yugoslavia and Cuba.
He also disclosed that he had written an account of what happened on November 22, 1963.
He seemed to have a compulsion to tell what he knew, but was also weighing suicide: "Either I talk or I go; they will drive me mad, or I will kill myself.
" He often recoiled from telling what he knew because of what his family would then think of him.
Oltmans wanted to buy De Mohrenschildt for Dutch National Television and also get the book published.
When De Mohrenschildt finally agreed to accompany his friend to Holland, he added that he knew Jack Ruby and that he had known H.
Hunt for twenty years and was "very close to him.
" He knew that the FBI released a letter Oswald wrote to Hunt and expressed puzzlement that Oswald had addressed H.
However, this November 8, 1963 note was addressed to "Mr.
Hunt" and that could have been E.
Howard Hunt or someone else.
He said the money came from Hunt to him and that he, De Mohrenschildt, then gave directions to Oswald.
In 1999, a former KGB agent said it was forged by his old employer.
In Amsterdam, George seemed depressed and troubled, so Oltmans took him to Brussels, where De Mohrenschildt disappeared.
He next turned up in Palm Beach at the home of his daughter, Alexandra.
When De Mohrenschildt was interviewed by Epstein there they broke for lunch, and DE Mohrenschildt went off and shot himself.
(March 29, 1977) Later, De Mohrenschildt's lawyer sent Epstein the photograph of Oswald holding the rifle, which he established did bear Oswald's handwriting.
Alexandra had had an affair with Mohammed al Fayed.
The CIA's 41 page report on the affair was signed by James Joseph Angleton and Jane Roman.
Roman was the agent who had monitored Oswald for two months before the assassination.
Gary Taylor, had been Alexandra's husband, told the Warren Commission that it was likely that De Mohrenschildt could have been involved in a plot to kill; the president.
Oltmans gave testimony to the House Select Committee on Assassinations in executive session, and it was not released until December 2, 1996.
It appears that the committee acquired his notes, but they were not released.
It is unclear whether De Mohrenschildt's manuscript was found and acquired.

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