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Why Raising Two Puppies At The Same Time Is A Bad Idea

Why isn't trying to train two puppies in your home at the same time a great idea? Lets examine this in detail! It is hard enough to raise one puppy and give it the socialization that it requires, much less two.
Most of the time, puppies end up having much less time being socialized with other dogs than they should and can become fearful or even aggressive when put into new situations.
Puppies raised together most frequently become very dog oriented.
This means that they look to the other dog as their friend and don't properly acknowledge the person who owns it.
Dogs that are raised together don't develop the same human bond they would have if they had been raised in a one dog home.
These dogs are harder to train and because they do not have a strong human bond, they have no desire to please.
They are often stubborn and are not suitable for social environments where you would require them to behave.
Dogs are pack animals.
This is a much stronger drive than most people understand.
They think that their little puppy comes an animal that has been socialized for thousands of years, so how could this possibly still be a trait or a problem? All dogs have a pack instinct.
The more dogs that are in the pack, the stronger the instinct becomes.
Pack drive issues mean rank issues within the pack.
This can lead to dog fights when they are trying to establish who is "alpha".
(The smallest of dogs will fight to establish their rank and can badly hurt or kill each other in doing so.
) Dominance issues can arise with other dogs, strangers, and even family members.
Dogs will become territorial and will fight to protect what they think is their property, toys or food.
It is important not to take unnecessary risks in leaving dogs together unattended.
Never leave dogs to fight or to "work it out for themselves".
You are the pack leader and as the pack leader you must be able to control your dog(s).
You must have the respect of the dogs and they must look to you for guidance and safety, not other dogs.
Proper obedience training is a must with two dogs being raised in the same family.
Once they realize who is the boss, (that's YOU!), you will have happy and eager to please canine companions for many years to come.

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