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Canine Heroes Save Life of Popular Cartoonist (A True Story) - Cat Furniture Canada

This was in our apartment, his space, where he could be very territorial with people and other animals, but he accepted her immediately, and vice versa. And her dog fear had been an acute one, and for good reason. It was now gone. She credits Thor for that, and I saw it happen immediately. The two made friends fast.

Amy, please tell our readers a little bit about your personal and professional background. What is your background in children's literature?

2. Quality - Cedar is a very high-quality wood that it is quite beautiful in its natural state, although it can also be painted or stained. The wood from the Western Red Cedar tree offers great thermal comfort. For these reasons, cedar is the wood of choice for many manufacturers of pet products, cat and doghouses. On warm summer days, your pet will stay cool in a house built with this material.

Mom died in 1997. I was devastated and was becoming very depressed. Some college friends now living on Cape Cod, invited me to stay with them for a week. I did. They kept me my spirits up with movies, dinners etc. One of the movies was the Oscar-winning one with Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt "As Good As It Gets" in which a dried-up, crusty writer (played by Nicholson) has his life changed by taking care of a neighbor's (Greg Kinnear's) dog, learning unconditional love.

The most difficult part for me has been learning all the elements of production; I spent days poring over pages of what at first seemed gobbledygook as I tried to understand the manufacturing process and select our manufacturer. But mostly the process has been hard but joyful work. The CD feels, to me, filled with the spirit of all those people whose gave of their talent, and as a physician friend told me when he heard it, "You can hear the joy of all the creators in this."

By the time Thor turned twenty, he started developing minor heart problems so I put him on some special herbal tinctures (never the capsules or tablets which offer very little medicinal value) that I also took and still take, including samento (a rare potent form of cat's claw), cayenne, hawthorn berry, and several others. This kept his disease at bay, but he was beginning to be unable to take the long walks. Finally, about a year later, it reached another stage which was more serious. I finally had to take him to the vet and put him on heart meds. I knew this would eventually affect his liver and kidneys, but at least he stood a chance before that happened. He lived almost another two years. He continued taking walks, albeit short ones, until his very last month. His quality of life, remained high as did his attitude and love of life and people.

In the mid-80s my life took one of those glorious turns that feeds a writer's imagination and nourishes the soul. I'd lived in Manhattan for nearly 15 years, but I fell in love with a Canadian and moved to a sheep farm outside--OUTSIDE--of Gananoque, Ontario. I adored the farm and discovered a marvelous the newspaper published in nearby Kingston. Then owned and run independently, The Kingston Whig-Standard published a stunning magazine, and this is where, ultimately, Tell Me A Story and my close involvement with children's literature began. I had worked for eight years as an adult columnist, and that column led to two published two books, the first a memoir called Kick the Dog and Shoot the Cat, about the similarities between sheep farming and my previous work in New York, in film production (on such blockbuster Hollywood hits as Ghostbusters).


Thor is out of any pain (he may have experienced), and is in a better place. I get relief knowing that.

How will you be marketing your CD?

Cedar pet furniture is an excellent choice for those looking for low maintenance without sacrificing high standards of quality. Cedar pet products are a natural fit use inside a home as well. Some animal lovers believe that their pets are most comfortable in a house made of cedar.

I even had a wonderful girlfriend not long ago for several years named "Rosy" who had a fear of dogs due to having been attacked by one in her youth. I had talked about "Thor" to her. She lived far away, but we visited often. She came one day, and met Thor (when he was about twenty one) and he loved her immediately, rubbing against her leg, demanding to be petted by her. This only surprised me a little, as I know that dogs have a 6th sense of person's fear and sometimes bark or attack. But she was not scared of Thor in the least and bent down and hugged and petted him. They were immediate friends. This was a good sign, as, though Thor loved almost everyone, if someone came even close to me that he did not have a good feeling about, he would bark nonstop. I believe Thor sensed that Rosy knew how to practice unconditional love, felt it, and responded to it.

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