How Does Heartburn Feel Like?
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How to Avoid Stomach Acid

    • 1). Go to your doctor if you have any symptoms of acid reflux. Your doctor can confirm a diagnosis of acid stomach reflux. Other conditions may have the same symptoms of acid reflux--like GERD, which is more serious and may need medication or other treatments.

    • 2). Avoid stomach acid problems by losing excess weight. Maintaining a healthy weight reduces the risk for acid stomach. The best ways to lose weight are the familiar ones: exercise and eat less.

    • 3). Identify and eliminate foods and beverages from your diet that may trigger acid reflux or heartburn. Foods that are fatty, spicy, fried or acidic can cause problems with reflux. Cut down on alcoholic beverages, citrus drinks, caffeine and chocolate if these are a cause of your heartburn.

    • 4). Consume smaller portions of food at mealtime. Eating less food can minimize the amount of stomach acid required for digestion. The excess secretion of stomach acid needed for a large meal can cause the discomfort of heartburn. Wait at least three to four hours after a meal before lying down or going to bed.

    • 5). Keep the upper body slightly elevated while sleeping by lifting the head of your bed approximately six to eight inches. To accomplish this, place wooden blocks under the bedposts that are at the head of the bed.

    • 6). Minimize pressure to your abdomen by wearing clothes that are loose-fitting. Too much pressure caused by wearing tight clothes around the waist can trigger an acid reflux episode.

    • 7). Try alternative medicine to reduce stress and anxiety, which may also cause acid reflux. Massage, aromatherapy, relaxation and exercise can help you manage stress or anxiety.

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