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The headlines this morning in London say the London train bombers caught? How can this be as the train bombers did not get caught, they unfortunately completed their murderous crime against innocent folks riding that mass transit system.
A system that 8.
5 million people per day rely on to get to work so they can live well and feed their families.
Well it appears they were caught, caught by the close circuit TV video surveillance system.
That is all well and good and it is wonderful to know we have video footage as a consolation prize and I suppose that will make the more than 50 people who died and their families happy that the surveillance pictures caught them in the act? Catching someone on CCTV does not bring back the dead.
These International Terrorists were not caught, they sacrificed themselves in the act.
So what good is a surveillance system, which cannot prevent an attack when the bombers are suicide driven in their endeavors? You cannot bring them to justice? And even if you could, what would you do? Put them in jail for life; hang them? So, what you still lose innocent people and there are so many people willing to do such acts.
Putting a scum bag or a group of scum bags in jail and giving them an expensive media driven trial, does not prevent crimes, it makes them heroes amongst their fellow International Terrorists.
Playing video footage of the International Terrorists in mid act, does not serve as a deterrent; it emboldens others to join the suicide squads and Terrorist Cells.
It gives others ideas and shows them such things are possible to pull off.
As the whole-world media plays these surveillance tapes on TV over and over again it promotes copycat cells of the AlQueda Franchise to act in a similar fashion.
By explaining step by step how these murderous folks did this, it helps others who might act as well.
The International Terrorists were not caught, one of them died in the evil event they created the co-conspirators might be caught, but so many people died.
Playing those video footage tapes on World TV is a very bad idea.
Spending millions or billions world wide on video cameras is silly if no one monitors them in real time or acts on what they see.
Sure we can catch people casing the place before the evil event and act on that information.
But be advised Catching the Murderers on CCTV is not the same as catching them before they acted.
They are dead along with their innocent victims, having footage of a few criminals on TV now is of little value for those who were slaughtered for no reason.
Think on this.

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