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Baby Care: -use This Simple Baby Nursery Cleaning List!

As important as cleaning your kitchen and bathroom your baby's nursery should be top on your list of cleanliness.

In your baby's nursery is an important room to keep clean. This simple list will help you keep on track with the basic cleaning details for baby's room.

We spend hours and lots of money making sure this room is a haven for our special little ones; for more details visit to take the time to make sure it stays that way.

Use this simple baby nursery cleaning list to ensure your little one's surroundings are taken care of. With the hectic daily care of a baby you're often left with little time to clean. Do your best to try and find a spare 5 minutes daily to keep the nursery a clean nurturing place. In wiping down your baby's room make sure you are using a non-toxic cleaner for. There are some great ones on the market that take care of odors and disinfect.

Daily -

For very young babies change the mattress sheet daily or every few days. Leaky diapers and other accidents are common and expected so be prepared to clear them up fast. Have several crib sheets for quick changes. Keep baby's mattress fresh. If the mattress is not of the waterproof kind, for more details visit to purchase a couple of mattress covers so you can rotate these also. If you mattress itself is the waterproof kind wipe it down with non-toxic cleaner each time you change it. Takes just a few seconds and clears up anything that may have leaked through.

Change out the diaper pail and wipe it down with a non-toxic odor eliminating cleaner. If you don't does it daily do it several times a week? A few minutes airing in the out of doors is a good idea also.

Air the room with the windows open for about 15 minutes. Try to do this in the morning.

You may need to do laundry daily with a small baby. Or at least several time a week.

Straighten toys and belongings. Put away clean clothing.

If you travel daily check diaper bag and restock. If not save this for once a week. A diaper bag list is a great idea to keep from leaving anything behind.

Weekly -

Dust baby's room. A simple damp rag will do the job. Add a drop of lavender essential oil for a calming scent through the room.

Wash baby blankets.

Vacuum floor.

Wipe down changing table with a non-toxic disinfecting cleaner.

Monthly -

If you have curtains wash them. Don't put dry clean only in baby's room. Clean windows.

Wash baby's bath toys. A quick swish in dish washing soap.

Wash out baby's bath tub.

Wipe out diaper bag. Spills can happen.


Vacuum under baby's furniture.

Clean out baby's closet.

Baby will be a year before you know it and helping you clean shortly after that.

Use this simple cleaning list to keep baby's room in top order.

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