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Internet travellers are noticing a huge upsurge of automated marketing sites called plug-in profit sites, or PIPs for short. Basically, the sites act as middlemen between buyers and sellers clearing houses, if you will. If you have the ability to work just a little faithfully, every day, you may be the type of person who can readily take advantage of a plug-in profit site. The advantages are many if you are willing to spend the time needed.

Not all PIPs are created equal. Some are simple affiliate marketing plans that rely on your ability to outwit the Internet market and drive lots of traffic to your site. Once the traffic (or customer) arrives at your site, if he clicks on a link to a merchant you're affiliated with, you earn money. If the customer buys from that merchant, you can receive up to 70% of the sales price.

Why would a merchant go for such a deal? Think about it a second. With advertising prices sky-high, and with zero risk why wouldn't they? All they have to cover is their cost and overhead, and after all, they would never have seen that customer if he hadn't clicked on a link in your website.

This sounds complicated, you're thinking. Well the truth is, it is. But only if you have to start from scratch.

It doesn't make sense, really, to do much of anything from scratch anymore, not unless you're a total control freak or simply a traditional purist. The folks who create these sites sell them because they work and because the people who buy them people just like you, who want or need to work at home are willing to pay a small price to get started and avoid the hassles and pitfalls of working from scratch to build an online business.

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