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Tough Dog Toys - Finding the Best For Your Pet

Looking for tough dog toys? With so many on the market it can be quite the challenge to find something that will keep your dog happy.
The first thing you should consider is his/her play habits.
Do they they like to power chew? If so you may want to consider Kong EXTREME dog toys.
These are very durable and you can put treats in the center.
I did this with my dog and he spends more time trying to get the treat out of the toy than actually chewing it.
If your dog likes to tug and pull on things you should consider a Booda Rope Toy.
This is a special rope made out of dental floss mixed with natural fibers and baking soda.
So while your dog is having fun he is also improving his oral health at the same time.
Perhaps you have a dog that chews through every toy and you don't know what to try next.
I would recommend the Almost Indestructible Ball.
This is is actually an oversized ball.
Your dog can chew on it all he likes.
Because it's oversized he won't be able to get his jaws completely around it, thus it greatly diminishes his chewing power.
Making it harder for him to chew through it and saving you a trip to the pet store to look for a replacement.
Interactive dog toys have become quite popular.
These play items are actual puzzles that make your dog think.
You'd be surprised how quickly they can figure things out.
If you like versatility you might consider the Hurley's chew toy.
It is actually three things in one.
A bone, a stick and a ball.
Its pretty durable too.
In the past many pet owners have given their dogs rawhide chews.
While this may keep your dog happy it comes with some safety considerations.
Its also advisable to check the country it was made in.
Unregulated manufacturers can add ingredients that are dangerous to your dog's health.
In summary.
Its important to note that while no dog toy is indestructible, there are great choices on the market that are sure to keep your pet happy.

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