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Outdoor barstools are used in homes and commercial spaces for gardens, game areas, balconies, barbecue parties etc.
The concept behind outdoor barstools is to be able to enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of your own garden, yard, patio, or poolside.
Being outdoors basically extends the living and entertaining area into a natural environment.
To complement this, a variety of styles and designs are available in barstools especially for outdoors.
For outdoor barstools, it is better to buy in the material that is resistant to climate changes.
This would enhance the life of the items since they could invariably be exposed to sun, rain, heat, dust and cold, depending on the climate of the area one is staying in.
If the outdoor barstools are sturdy and can bear the climatic changes, then one does not need to rush out every now and then to rescue them from weather variations.
And as in any outdoor furniture, it is recommended to go in for the folding type since they might need to be moved around relocated frequently.
Even barstools are available in folding style.
Outdoor barstools can be had with or without backs and arms.
They might be swivel or stationary, depending on need and preference.
The metal varieties tend to last longer outdoors.
Wooden bar stools are specially treated to survive the elements.
The height of the stools must be judged carefully.
Generally the height of the barstools seat is 10 to 13 inches lower than the counter top, where they are placed.
These outdoor barstools can be bought from the local furniture shops or from the Internet.
But whatever type of outdoor barstool is bought, be sure to follow the suggested cleaning and maintenance instructions provided by the supplier.

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