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Spree Of Delights - Sydney Childrens Festival

Celebrated annually, Sydney Children Festival is one-of-a-kind festival for children. The festival is usually held in September/October and throws a spotlight on the creative impulse of the young minds. Blend of great performances, enthralling workshops and engaging activities inspire the imagination of children at the festival. Kids up to the age of 12 can participate in Sydney Children Festival.

All the events are handled by experienced professional practitioners, veteran artists and companies. The festival is a big hit among families on vacations in Australia. In fact, many families plan their holidays in Sydney in accordance with the event. Sydney Children Festival 2011 is scheduled to kick start from the 26th of September, and most who intend to include this festival in their itinerary have already booked air tickets to Sydney. With multiple venues, this year the festival is going to bigger and better. Take a look at the kind of activities and performances that are slated at different venues.

CarriageWorks is home to awe-inspiring culture work and contemporary artwork. Laying hands on tickets to Sydney during festival offers countless fun opportunities for inculcating artistic skills into the young generation. Some of the major events of the venue are Acrobatic Circus Workshop, Aerial Circus Workshop, Book Making Workshop, Books & Brains Quiz Show, Claymazing, and Creative Writing Workshop.

Seymour Center
Seymour Centre is a hub for exploring the diverse art scene of the country. The centre presents outstanding theatre experiences for families and young people during each holiday period. Besides Sydney Children Festivals, the centre contributes in other iconic festivals like Sydney Festival. Big Legs Intensive, Digital Photography Workshop, Kids' Films Seymour Centre and The Book of Everything are among the intriguing events of 2011 Sydney Children Festival scheduled to be held in Seymour Centre.

Riverside Theatre
Riverside Theatre is located on the banks of the Parramatta River. The theatre has always enjoyed the limelight for being the stage for brilliant performances across different genres. Sydney Children Festival 2011 is going to organise exhilarating workshops like Little Circus Workshop and Shadow Theatre Workshop at the theatre.

Newcastle Museum
With a mesmerising collection of artefacts, Newcastle Museum is a top tourist delight anyways for vacationers grabbing airlines tickets to Sydney. But, Sydney Children Festival 2011 will surely add glitter to the place as workshops like NewMass Hula Hooping Workshop and Make a Scene! Museum Diorama Workshop are set to be organized in the museum.

Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre
Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre is a part of Penrith Performing & Visual Arts and is a spectacular venue. Big Drums for Small People, Circus Skills Workshop, Make a Film in a Day and Big Legs Workshop are some of the events of Sydney Children Festival 2011 taking place at the centre.

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