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What do you do when a long term relationship goes bad? How do you pick up the pieces and get on with your life? It is very simple for someone to tell you that you should just forget about the person you once loved and find someone new.
You don't want to stop rehashing in your mind the how and why the relationship went bad.
What might you have done to fix it.
What did you do wrong to ruin the relationship? Why couldn't you just change and make it better.
Guess what.
It probably wasn't really your fault and it probably wasn't really your partners fault.
It just happened.
You just grew in different directions.
Don't cry too much over it.
Pick up the pieces and start fresh.
It might even be a blessing in disguise.
Because, your next relationship might be the relationship to end all relationships.
So, now hopefully you have something to look forward to.
People grow apart no matter how much they think they are compatible with each other.
As time goes by your belief's and interests change.
If you are not in tune with your partner you both start to grow in different directions.
As sad as it seems, this is really a healthy thing.
If people stop growing and learning then they stop living.
And, if you are not living then you are dead.
And, that is definitely not a fun thing.
You can try to solve your differences.
With discussion you might be able to convey what each of you are feeling and what your current needs are.
If you and your partner think the relationship is worth saving, then maybe you each can make concessions and again find the common ground you both once had.
If you two can't, then stop beating each other.
Just decide to end the relationship and try to leave as friends.
You both will be much happier in the end.
It will take time to heal the wounds.
Take some time off.
Try to clear your head.
Don't ponder over what is done.
And, definitely don't replay the relationship over and over again in your head.
You will just be torturing yourself needlessly.
And, don't sulk too long.
Pick yourself up and dust yourself off as soon as you can.
Start meeting people again.
Force yourself a little if you have to.
This is the only way to start the healing process.
Being happy with a smile on your face will help you get through life a lot easier.
You will be able to do your job a lot better when you are happy.
And, your friends will like you better even you are smiling and not sulking or crying.
Try an internet online dating service if you want to jump back into the dating life.
Online dating is fun and you will be able to meet many fun and exciting people who share many of the same interests as you.
Remember, going through life with a smile on your face because you are happy inside is much better than being miserable day to day.
So, think of the end of your relationship as a temporary setback that is allowing you to find a partner you will enjoy spending the rest of your life with.
Good Luck and I wish you success finding the person of your dreams.

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