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Ridgid Handheld Tools and Portables

The reputation of the brand's portable tools comes from the ergonomic design and battery power.
Other companies focus on the efficiency of Lithium-Ion battery, sometimes neglecting the design of their middle-range tools.
When it comes to mid-range portable drills, drivers, saws and hammers, Ridgid wins the market because of its "high-end-like" features.
A handheld drill with a long battery life is a woodworker's inseparable partner.
Ridgid knows this; that's why it has improved its Lithium Ion battery technology.
Take the 18-Volt Compact Li-Ion Drill for example.
It is the brand's response to all the "overkill" 36-volt driver-type drills of other companies.
Of all the middle-range lightweight handheld drills, this one is the best buy.
Comparing its weight to the Makita 14.
4 (4.
6 lbs.
), this drill gives more feel and grip at just 4.
5 lbs.
This is because of its balanced and ergonomic weight balance.
Also, it will take you about 2 days of use before you drain the battery.
Still unconvinced? The 18-Volt Compact Li-Ion Drill has a price of $189.
This is a far better offer when compared to the Hitachi drill at $300.
It also comes with two batteries and a 30-minute charger.
So you can always be in action.
It even has a small light installed on the chuck, to have a better view of the work piece.
Being very light, it can easily be used on hard-to-reach places.
A similar product is the 18 volt cordless 1/2" hammer drill, which can be used on both wood and concrete.
The hammer feature and the high speed gear box lets you deal with masonry and other tough jobs.
The die-cast gear box and clutch rings ensure repeatability of work and durability of parts.
Moreover, the locking carbide jaws and chuck ensures the stability of the cutting tool.
Like the previous product, this hammer drill comes with a 30-minute charger.
It is highly unlikely that your work will be interrupted by a dead Li-Ion battery, since the package includes two of them.
Some of the company's handheld tools are equipped with the Max Select technology.
Generally, these are models that can work with both 14-volt and 18-volt batteries, or any two volt settings.
The Max Select series include impact drills, reciprocating saws, jig saws and hand planers.
These dual voltage models are all tech-supported in the market, and they are well-acclaimed by both professionals and hobbyists.
One example is the R888 Dual Voltage Hand Planer.
This one, in particular, is compatible with 18-volt batteries (Nickel-Cadmium) or 24-volt batteries (Lithium Ion).
When using 24-volts, this planer has a no-load speed of 13,000 RPM.
Its rabbeting depth can be adjusted up to ½ inch and the belt drive allows quiet planning.
The R888 and other planers from the company have automatic rear stands or guards.
You can put the machine down without worries of accidental contact between the wood and the planer.
The spiral cutting blades provides smooth cutting.
This blade design prevents "stuttering" or digging into the wood.
The depth can also be micro-adjusted from 0 to 1/16 inch.

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