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Ways To Settle Serious Noise Of Ball Mill

The mill noise is the effect on the metal from the roller ball and cylinder wall liners and processing components, machinery noise. The sound along the liner, the cylinder wall, anticipated out to external radiation, like: the crash involving the ball as well as ball, the ball and lined with steel plates, the crash from the materials, the friction sound. There is other gear operation, the noise transmission (gearbox and motor) vibration.

Controlling the noise on the route of transmission is an indispensable part in the noise control field. The most direct, effective, economic method for the ball mills noise control is to reduce the voice from the sound source: control the noise from the very start of the sound source. Therefore, we can see that the development tendency of the ball mills noise control is to directly low down the noise produced by the sound source itself.

First of all, we start from the route of transmission to take a control, the control and implementation of the ball milla part of the ore beneficiation is to develop fixed acoustic enclosure or assembling acoustic enclosure. Hongxinga ball mill manufacturer, mainly produce: ball mill, ball mill equipment, cement ball mill etc.

Secondly, to begin with the sound source and think about how to reduce the noise, one way is to conduct vibration damping and sound insulation disposition around the barrel; the other is to lay down an elastic buffer between the inner side of the barrel and the lining and adopt the floating lining technique.drum separator:http://www.crusher-machine.com/n226.html

As a type of heavy-duty equipments, ball mill will always make lots of noise when it is put to work. That is the stuff which is constantly annoying us. Another frustrating matter is the intensity of the noise resulted from its intensive character. We are going to improve the machine directing at the noise problem.

In the permitting condition, concentrate the ball mill on the special ball mill chamber and reform the ball mill chamber to a special acoustic booth. The effect of it will be better than that of the sound insulation cover. However, we must pay attention to solve the problems such as the monitoring in the operating of ball mill, the internal heat dissipation and the maintenance of the ball mill.

Energy-saving ball mill is to use roller to drive big roller and then happen friction to do wheel transmission way, namely we need to put a bearing in the center of four roller, and then connection way is to use the output shaft of gearbox to drive center axis of roller, thus depend on the principle of multistage speed of reducers input and output shaft-gearbox, shaft-roller, big roller circle. Only this, we not only ensure the normal operation of ball mill, but also save 50% electricity use.

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