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Some Benefits of Sleep Mode on Windows Vista

Sleep mode on Windows Vista involves opening the Start menu and clicking on the Power button. Next, follow the simple prompts you get. You certainly do not need the services of a computer repair technician to do this.

When in the sleep mode, the RAM or Random Access Memory is on, but the processor is off. This means, the computer reduces power consumption during sleep mode. This is particularly important if you will not be using the computer for a considerably long time. In a typical PC, the computer consumes a tenth of the energy it would in normal conditions. A laptop on the other hand will consume only 1 to 2% of its battery power on sleep mode.

Sleep mode on Vista is advantageous in that you can set the computer such that it asks for your password on wake up. This is an important security feature if you do not want others to access the computer.

Sleep mode on Vista is advantageous because all you need to do is press the power button. Some computers have sleep buttons, but you can choose the button to use for this feature. Wake up is also easy because you simply need to press the sleep or the power button again. On notebooks, you can set the computer in such a way that when you close the lid the computer goes into sleep mode. If you find sleep mode inconveniencing, you can always deactivate it.

When a computer goes into sleep mode, all open programs and documents are saved. This is advantageous because it means you will have a quick access to your documents once you resume full power. Putting a computer on sleep mode is the equivalent of putting a DVD player on pause - the computer will immediately stop what it is doing and it will resume where you left it. When you put your computer on sleep mode under Windows Vista, you will be able to get away from potentially embarrassing situations without turning off whatever you were doing. An example of this is when you are viewing pictures and someone walks into the room. This option is also advantageous over standby mode because you lose unsaved data when you put your computer on standby.

Putting a computer on sleep mode under Windows Vista is advantageous in that it takes a few seconds for the computer to resume full power. This is not the case with other options such as hibernation.

Sleep mode takes care of problems associated with standby mode and hibernate mode in Vista OS. The greatest drawback of putting a computer in standby mode is loss of unsaved data incase of power failure. In sleep mode, status information will be written in your computer's memory and this means data will not be lost. On hibernation mode, data is saved on the HDD and the whole computer is turned off. This means restarting the computer will take time, just like normal booting. However, this is not the case with sleep mode where wake up takes only a few seconds.

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