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Health Insurance For Those Who Are Unemployed

For the unemployed, health insurance can be challenging to find.
Unemployment pay does not go very far toward paying household bills, much less any extra for insurance.
Loss of income makes it hard to afford health insurance premiums but even worse is the cost of medical care.
You may have many health plans available to you and your family.
The plans that cover full benefits are by far the most common.
They cover office visits, pharmaceuticals and other routine care once the deductible amount is paid.
They will also cover hospital, diagnostic tests and surgery with a small deductible payment.
Another common health plan is catastrophic health insurance.
The problem is you may not be able to afford the premiums for such quality care.
Some of these full benefit plans are affordable but you may have to make some adjustments to make them fit with your limited budget.
For instance, you may be able to afford the premiums if your deductible amount is higher.
Payment up front can go from $250 to $1500.
The higher deductible means a lower monthly premium.
Also you may be able to negotiate higher co-pay for office visits.
Office visits typically are $10 if you have health insurance, but you can raise them to $25 to $50 per visit to lower your premium.
You could also consider a deductible on your prescriptions rather than paying extra for a plan that completely covers your medicines.
Some insurance plans let you choose your own doctor from a group.
Some adjustments can be made to the network of doctors you are covered to see.
A smaller choice of doctors may also save some in premiums.
Catastrophic health care insurance plans may be the most affordable.
The premiums for this type of care are usually very low.
This type of plan offers major medical coverage, sometimes 100% after paying the deductible.
This plan typically does not cover office visits or prescriptions, but it may be the solution to affordable health insurance.
Insurance companies do not list employment as one of the requirements to their plans so as long as you are able to pay the premiums to keep your insurance up-to-date, you will be covered.
You can make some adjustments to a policy and still get the coverage you need to keep your quality of life.
Insurance agents are willing to help you stay covered with a good health care plan.
Do not be afraid to ask.
Their knowledge and experience can help in many ways to find the plan that fits in your limited budget and if you choose one from their suggestions, they will get paid by the insurance company for your contract.

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