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Basic Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming Dog grooming is something that needs to be part of your daily dog care routine.
Making sure you dog will well looked means that you will have a happy dog.
A lot of people buy dog thinking that they only need to feed them and walk them.
There is much more involved in ensuring your dog is happy and stays happy.
Getting to know your dog or any pet for that matter is very important.
Stroking your dog is a very easy way of getting to know him and can be a very simply way to detect if something is wrong, the type of things that you might not notice by just looking, such as lumps, cuts, or skin irritation.
Brushing your dog daily is also very important.
This ensures that their coat is kept in good condition.
Many types of brushes are available to buy depending on the type and fur your dog has.
These range from Bristle brushes, idea for dog with long fur, to undercoat rakes for dogs with think fur such as a Husky as this will remove any dead hair from the undercoat.
Choose one side of the dog and brush from head to tail working in small areas.
Ensure that you check for any matting of the fur so that you can brush these out.
If you have a puppy then daily brushing will get him used to being groomed as some older dogs like mine hate being groomed and he plays up a little making the whole process awkward and time consuming.
On long haired dogs mats or knots in the fur can start to form on the front of the dog so extra care should be taken here to ensure that he is brushed thoroughly.
Another area of dog grooming which is often overlooked is cleaning their teeth.
Many people see bathing and brushing as part of the grooming process but not brushing the teeth.
You wouldn't let your children go without brushing their teeth, so why should your dog be any different.
OK so you don't have to brush daily but you do need to work in regular tooth brushing as its estimated that over 80% of dog over the age of 5 will develop some form of dental disease.
This is all easily prevented by regular brushing.
You can now buy special dog toothbrushes and also meat flavored toothpaste.
Just remember not to get them mixed up with your own.

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