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When investing in a Recruitment Software, the HR Manager of a corporate or the owner of a consultancy wants visibility where as the end user is more worried about the ease of use. Recruitment software should be primarily for the end user and in the process if it also provides visibility and control to the manager, it is definitely an icing on the cake.

An ideal Recruitment Software should be doing both!

The point is to invest in a software which will help you meet your hiring targets and get better candidates. You will achieve such results only when it simplifies things for your recruiters. Your recruitment team should be able to adopt the software without any formal training. It should be a solution rather than a new roadblock for your team.

At times Recruitment Software are reluctant to use a software because it does not help them follow their processes and familiar tools. So to make their job easier, select a software that is configurable as per the processes that your team follows and lets them continue with their usual way of working. Most of the recruiters are used to working on excel sheets, MS Outlook, job portals such as Naukri and Monster – an ideal recruitment software will integrate all these pieces of recruitment in a single platform to streamline the entire process of hiring.

Therefore when you are choosing a candidate management software, please keep in mind the end result that you want to achieve. Your business will flourish when you close more positions, which will only happen when your team works. So make it easier for your team!

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