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The Xmen comics are about a group of heroes who all have different powers because they are mutants.
A mutant is someone who is born with super powers but they do not know it.
The founder of the Xmen is Professor X: Charles Xavier.
He has the ability to talk to people mentally.
He also teaches mutants how to use their powers.
The leader of the Xmen is Cyclops: Scott Summers.
He has the ability to shoot beams from his eyes whenever they are open.
He uses glasses to block the beams so that he can see.
When he raises his glasses the beams shoots out non-stop until he closes his eyes.
Wolverine: Logan has the ability to heal at a very fast pace.
He also has claws.
However, he was not born with them.
You will have to read the comic to find out how they appeared.
Storm: Ororo Munroe can make the weather change.
She can make it rain, snow and more.
She also has the ability to fly.
Rogue can drain the powers of other mutants and use them herself by touching them with her hands.
She keeps their power based on how long she touches them for.
She uses gloves to touch people to prevent her powers from working.
Jean Gray has the ability to talk to people mentally like Professor X and she can also make items float in the air.
Jean Gray and Cyclops date each other and fight crime with the rest of the Xmen.
Wolverine also likes Jean Gray, and Cyclops and Wolverine sometimes fight each other because of this.
Now these heroes sometimes fight everyday human crime, but they spend most of their time fighting villain mutants.
Magneto is a villain mutant, and he knows Professor Charles Xavier from childhood.
Magneto can move items that are magnetized.
He knows that Professor X has mental powers so he wears a helmet to protect his mind from Professor X.
Sabertooth is one of Wolverine's foes who he fought in the past.
They know each other well.
Mystic can change into any other mutant.
Jaggernaut is a villain who is Professor X's brother and cannot feel pain.
He also wears a helmet to protect himself from Professor X.
The Xmen all use their powers to fight villains.
They team up and find ways to do this by pooling their different abilities.
Some of the Xmen are in every issue and some appear only occasionally.
This comic has many more villains and heroes that fight other than we can mention here and is a great read for people who like lots of heroes and action in every adventure issue.

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