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The Essence of Medicare and Medicare Fees

>Medicare is the major health insurance for the senior citizens of United States particularly those with low-income. Signing up for one is simple but there are certain qualifications and requirements for each interested applicants to pass before acquiring one. Don't worry, it is not that difficult.

First, determine if you are eligible or qualified to apply for one. Qualifications are: You must be a local citizen of the United States, you must be 65 years of age or older. You are also qualified if you have an inborn medical problems or disability or in need of dialysis or transplant due to Renal or Kidney Failure.

After determining your eligibility, the next part is selecting a plan that will work out for you. Now, Medicare has four different types of plan. They are Medicare Part A or Hospital Insurance, Part B or Medical Insurance, Part C or Medical Advantage Insurance and Part D or Prescription Drug Insurance. Medicares Part A and Part B are also known as Original Medicare. Medicare Part D is a new addition to the plans and very helpful in paying for medications.

Make sure to choose a plan or plans that your income can afford but without compromising your health or your family member's health needs.

Moving on, these four types of Medicare plans pay different coverage or medicare fees. You can choose one plan or add that one plan to another based on what you think will be helpful for you. For instance, you chose Medicare Part B which primarily covers preventive services such as vaccinations, it also covers blood transfusions and chemotherapy and out-patient services, you can pair this plan with Medicare Part D which can cover your medication fees.

* Medicare Part A - covers your skilled nursing facility, hospice care and home health care

* Medicare Part B - covers medically-necessary services or supplies which are required in identifying the client's condition.

* Medicare Part C - the medicare fees for Part C, on average, pays one monthly premium for the services included. You can acquire Medical Advantage if you have Original Medicare.

* Medicare Part D - covers the payment of your medications

Being a member of Medicare will also give you a chance to sign up to a nursing home (a Medicare-accredited, of course) if ever you need one in the future. The medicare fees and requirements for this one are a bit different from applying a Medicare membership.

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