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Solar Panel Roof Shingles

With ho?e solar power syste?s becoming mo?e popul?r ever? year, some builders ar? looking for creative wa?s to incor?orate t?is amazing alte?native energy solut?on into thei? homes. Ev?n though mod?rn?olar panels?ave improved o?er t?e years to be mu?h?ore productive and du?able, they are?till??ery o?vious addition to? home that impacts th? aesthetics of the design. Bec?use of thi? many b?ilders and homeown?rs?re looking f?r alternative w?ys to build? solar?ower system into their ho?es that?s le?s not?ceable. Solar panel roof shingles?llow a homeo?ner to enjoy the free power th?t these hom??olar pow?r syste?s pr?vide?ithout the need to?ount a s?t of s?lar?anels?n the roof.

Solar panel shingles?ave been in development fo? the p?st few ye?rs and t?ere ha?e been versions of them available commercially f?r so?e time. W?at s?t the?ecent w?ve of these s?lar power shingles apart f?om the?arlier models a?e th?ir dura?ility and their mounting o?tions. Olde? solar shingles w?re hard to add to? roof?ecause of the wa? th?y mounted and connected to the homes?lectrical system. Mo?t?f these e?rly?odels had to be mounted?n large gro?ps on t?e?oof and because they w?re typically t?icker than current m?dels, they we?e abo?t a? obvious as? standard solar?anel cosmetically. Modern versions of these solar ro?f shingles are thinne? and c?n?e mixed in with?tandard ro?f shingle? t? help them better blend into? r?of's de?ign. They are also avail?ble in??ider variety of colors to allow you t? match the? t? th? color of th? other?oof shingles.

The mounting on the?e newer sol?r panel shingl?s is simple? a? well and conforms t? th? nail p?tterns of? standard sh?et?f roof shingles. This m?kes it easie? for t?em to b? incorporated?not th? standard roof?ng materials. It also allow? a b?ilder to hav? them installed by the sa?e roofing company that is doing the re?t?f th? building's shingles. Th?s can save time?nd money on th? in?tallation and ma?e th?se types of ho?e solar p?wer?ystems very affo?dable. The?iring fo? these solar panel shingles i??un through t?e roofing mater?al and th? interconnections a?e d?ne inside of th? attic. This wa? there are no visible w?res?n the roof whi?h males for a cl?aner installation.

Besides t?e cosmetic ad?antages that t?ese newer?olar pow?r shingles provide, they are also mo?e du?able than? standard solar panel installation. This is mainly du? to the fact that? sol?r p?nel is typic?lly mounted on a frame th?t is raised a fe? inc?es a?ove th? r?ofing?aterial?n? home. The gap bet?een the?olar panels and the r?of allows rain, i?e and de?ris to flo? bel?w the p?nel and off the roof. The ch?llenge is th?t thi? gap al?o allo?s wind to flow bene?th th? panel, which creat?s? lifting action on th? panel. In?reas of h?gh winds, th?s c?n be? concern and ma? dam?ge? panel?f it isn't mounted securely. Also, areas t?at receive hea?y snowf?ll p?esent? hazard for conventional?olar panels?s?ell. The weight of the accumulating sno? c?n tw?st and d?mage a panel that is not suppo?ted fully. Because the solar?anel s?ingles lie flat on the?oof, th?y are not s?bjected t? t?ese hazards and c?n last fo? ye?rs once?nstalled.

While t?ese solar shingles w?ll n?t?roduce as mu?h power a? a typic?l panel of the?ame size, th?y a?e increasing their efficiency eve?y yea? and are clos? eno?gh today to make financ?al sen?e for many homes. When you consider the?dvantages the? p?ovide over conventional s?lar panels?n d?rability and?esthetics, they a?e fast becoming the soluti?n of choic? f?r many homeowners.

S?lar Power is? h?bby and? p?ssion?f mine. I like sharing valuable information ab?ut th? t?pes?f?ome s?lar power systems available and w?at t?e installation process entails that I have gathe?ed through endless research, interviews, and experience. F?r mo?e unbiased informat?on ab?ut?ome s?lar power s?stems check?ut?y Autho? BIO.

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