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How You Can Make Money by Blogging on the Internet - 3 Ways to Use Your Blog to Make Money

Have you ever wondered what all the hype was about people who make money by blogging? I can tell you they don't do it by the advertisements on their site.
Those only bring in a little bit of money.
This article will show you 3 ways you can make money by blogging in your free time.
The biggest question I hear about how to make money by blogging is where does the money come from? Most people know that blogging is about posting information regularly on a site that people visit, but how can you turn that into money? I'll tell you - affiliate marketing is how you make money by blogging.
Here are three ways to make money by blogging: Way #1: Affiliate marketing in your blogs.
Affiliate marketing is the method where you become an affiliate marketer for a product and sell that product.
You become a member of a program for free and then in the already content filled blog you are writing you reference these products when you write about the problem they solve or review them for their effectiveness.
Way #2: Affiliate marketing in your mail list.
If you look on any blog site there is a good chance that they have a mailing list you can sign up for to receive updates.
You can make money by blogging to these mailing lists, so to speak.
You send them updates to your blog offer them more information than the blog has.
Again you work your affiliated products into the E-mails.
Way #3: Affiliate marketing in review pages.
Blogs are considered a rolling front page to a web site.
You can make money by blogging not only on the front page but by creating static pages that have reviews you know people will want to have access to regularly.
These can also be how-to pages and offer more content that won't be lost in your blog and is easy to reference when you write.
When you hear people referring to how they make money by blogging they are usually doing it by one of these three methods.
All 3 methods require that you create a blog and provide a lot of content to that blog.
In this case you would be able to make money by blogging about problems your products solve or keeping your visitors up to date with the latest and greatest through an E-mail list that also references products.
Either way you are going to be using affiliate marketing to make your money.
I even know of a few places you can learn more about affiliate marketing and blogging.

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