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Having a System Is Everything

This morning, as I struggled to find my black pants, dug through a box to find my black shoes, struggled again in the kitchen looking for the frying pan and trying to find the salt for my eggs, it occurred to me that having a system is everything.

Not that I hadn't realized this before, but I finally realized this week after my family moved into our new house, what makes it so hard about moving is the lack of systems and lack of an organized environment. Not only do I find it stressful and frustrating, it's also very time-consuming and I've spent hours the last few days, walking around in circles (or so it seemed) looking for a particular object or item.

The same can be said for your business.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Is your work environment organized in a way that makes it simple and easy for you to find what you need? Or do you have piles on your desk, business cards you've picked up at networking events strewn all over and several empty coffee cups? Is the aesthetics of your work environment pleasing to your eye and makes you feel good just by being in it? Or, are you using mismatched furniture, with boxes piled around you?

It's important to have an efficient, pleasing (to your eye) looking office area or work environment. It not only makes you feel better, but studies have shown it increases your productivity three fold.

MARKETING SYSTEMS: It is important to create the systems you need so you will consistently take action and create great results in your business. You will always need to market and keep your pipeline filled with potential clients-which can sometimes feels overwhelming and draining. By creating and implementing tried-and-true systems you will develop a more organized and productive approach to running your business and achieving your financial goals.

INVOICING AND BILLING SYSTEMS: Have you created a system for invoicing your clients and paying your bills? Or do the bills sit in a pile on your desk? And you are always doing last minute invoicing to your clients when you have a spare minute? There are lots of great systems out there to help you systematize the financials for your business.

I challenge you to look at your work environment and your business to see where implementing a system could help reduce your stress, overwhelm and free up some time so you can work on the important things like getting more clients and making more money.

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