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Before you set out on any diet, the first thing you've got to do is commit to the change in your eating habits. You also need to acknowledge that not only will you get much better results if you incorporate exercise into your routine, but also that both factors together will lead to a much healthier you overall. And whether you're over or underweight, the question most people start with is: How much should I lose or gain to achieve a healthy weight?' Well, a lot depends on your stature how tall you are and what your present weight is. The table below will give you a good idea of where you should stand in the spectrum. And don't be surprised if the maximum weight for your height is a little higher than you expected because your body frame is also one more factor to be considered, hence the range in pounds.

Normal Weight Range
Table for Adults
(in Pounds)
4' 1096 to 115
4' 1199 to 119
5' 0102 to 123
5' 1106 to 127
5' 2109 to 131
5' 3113 to 135
5' 4117 to 140
5' 5120 to 144
5' 6124 to 148
5' 7128 to 153
5' 8132 to 158
5' 9135 to 162
5' 10139 to 167
5' 11143 to 172
6' 0147 to 177
6' 1152 to 182
6' 2156 to 187
6' 3160 to 192
6' 4164 to 197

Keep in mind that these ranges are based on recommendations from the health care industry. Everyone's body is different and the objective is to safely diet to lose or gain and achieve a healthy weight. Also be sure to note the minimum weight range because your goal is not to end up looking like an emaciated catwalk-strutter. Statistics have actually proven that both men and women alike would rather be with a partner who has a little meat on their bones', than one who looks like they're starving to death. Too skinny is not sexy no matter what the style magazines lead you to believe remember, they're selling clothes, not health advice.

One more thing to keep in mind is that if you have children, you are their role model. You don't want your child to appear under-nourished because they are following a bad lead in terms of your weight control habits. On the other hand, obesity in children is an increasing problem in the United States and you don't want them overweight either because it's just not healthy for them. Set up a diet plan that provides both you and them with enough calories, protein, carbohydrates, nutrients and fat that will help you safely diet to lose or gain and achieve a healthy weight for your body frames. And if you've got family members in your household who have existing health issues, always, always, always consult your doctor before beginning any new dietary regimen.

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