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Can a Letter Get My Ex Back?

Can a letter get my ex back? Not only can it, it is the very best way to open up a new conversation with your ex lover. These days, with cell phones, texting, email, Facebook, Twitter, and a multitude of social networks, communication has become simple sound bites. There is a lot of advice on breaking up and what is the best way to get your ex back. But the most valuable tool to begin the healing progression is just writing a hand written letter.

When you take the time to write a letter to your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend and place that pen in your hand you are making an effort to sort through all the emotions you are feeling. You can let all the shared experiences, the pleasures you shared as a couple, the sorrow and emptiness you are going through now, and the longing to work things out between the two of you pour onto that piece of paper. A letter to your ex is tougher to sidestep than phone call, text message or email, so your ex is more likely to respond.

When writing a letter to ex you will also be more reflective. It will allow the time for you to ask the difficult questions; does your ex lover still love me? Was it something I did? Can I move on without him/her? Often you feel like the world will collapse beneath your feet when the breakup takes place, and in many ways the world you were living in has ended. You need to be frank with yourself and realize the changes that have to happen in order to salvage your relationship.

As the quote goes "It takes two to tango" and this must be expressed in your letter. But don't forget you are the one trying to rekindle this relationship. You are the person writing the letter to get your ex back. As in most breakups each of you were probably guilty of being annoying from time to time. Just remember it was your ex that ended the relationship. So be loving, repentant, and genuine. Put it all on that letter. If there is still a glimmer or shared sorrows this letter to get my ex back is your best bet to ignite the flame again.

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