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Dog Toilet Training - Keep a Careful Eye

Owning a pet is a fun experience.
A dog proves to be a very good companion and is considered to be a man's best friend.
Training your dog can be made as much fun as playing with him.
All you need to remember are a few tips and guidelines to train your dog effectively in a short span of time.
Potty training your pet dog can be quite annoying and troublesome task.
Don't worry! The best way to begin your pet's potty training is by keeping a careful eye on him.
Remember, the trick is to catch your pet red-handed while relieving himself inside the house.
Once you catch him, scold him then and there while he continues the act.
If you get angry at the dog, when you find the evidence of his misdoing, the dog will not understand the reason for your annoyance.
Your anger may confuse your dog and may lead to retaliation.
Hence, it is very crucial to scold your dog while you see him urinating or defecating.
A word of caution - to not spank or hit your dog; just show your displeasure by being firm with him.
After being firm with your dog, guide your pet outside the house and show him the right place to relieve himself.
Ensure that you guide him towards the right location; otherwise you may end up with a messy garden or complaints from the neighbours.
You need to remember that excess usage of control devices can be dangerous and cause negative effect on the training.
Hence, you need to exercise your due diligence and use such control methods responsibly.
Control methods when effectively combined with training methods, will definitely give you the desired result in potty training your pet.
Two rules that you must remember while potty training your dog is - never use physical punishment in case of occasional mistakes and praise your dog every time he does it in the right place.
Two attributes for success in your dog's potty-training endeavour will be your dedication and patience.
Once you make up your mind and are ready to give your pet enough time to learn, personally potty training your pet will be a piece of cake for you!

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